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Student Survey Summer 2024

116 students from all key stages completed the Student Survey using Microsoft Forms

1. I was prepared well for coming to Corley Academy.

2. The Student Council is good at listening to your ideas and opinions.

3. I enjoy Whole School Focus Days

4. Which subjects do you like, dislike or neither like or dislike

5. Why do you like these subjects?

6. I can tell an adult during lessons if I am having problems with my work.

7. I know what I need to do to make progress in my lessons.

8. I have a variety of activities to do in my Mentor time

9. I feel part of my school.

10. Have you filled in a Blue Form when you have had a problem with another student?

11. If yes, Blue Forms help me.

12. Adults in school are good at helping students to improve their behaviour.

13. Is there an adult you could talk to if you feel unsafe or unsure?

14. Have you attended any Lunchtime Clubs this year?

15. What clubs would you like in the future?

16. How often do you use ICT equipment in your lessons?

17. What types of equipment have you used this year?