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Foundation - Year 7

Year 7 students are taught within a Foundation Class. Their Foundation mentor will teach students approximately half of their lessons in their Foundation classroom. The remaining lessons – the more practical ones, such as Music, Art, PE and Technology – are taught in different classrooms with different teachers. This enables students in Year 7 to experience continuity and regularity, building a strong and positive relationship with their Foundation mentor as well as becoming familiar with and feeling safe in their Foundation classroom; whilst also giving Year 7 students the opportunity to develop their independence and flexibility by moving around the school or different classrooms and different teachers.

In Year 7, students will study English, Mathematics, Science, PSHCE, Humanities, Computing, PE, Art, Technology, and Music. Students will also have two Mentor Time lessons a week, where they will engage in learning based on our school’s theme of the week as well as participate in a weekly ‘check in’ with their Foundation mentor, during which the mentor and student discuss progress against the students’ weekly Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) target. What is more, a weekly Well-being lesson is also delivered to all students at Corley Academy to teach them mindfulness, relaxation techniques and positive mental health.

For Mathematics and English, Year 7 student are organised into smaller classes based on their academic ability in these subjects. For all other subjects, students are taught in their Foundation class.

Please find below a copy of our Foundation Curriculum, including topics studied in Year 7 for each subject.

Should you have any questions regarding our curriculum please email and we will ensure your email is directed to the correct member of staff to answer your query.