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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Qualifying Expedition


Bronze Qualifying Expedition (Year 10 & 11) – 2 days 26th-27th April 2023

The Year 10 and 11 Duke of Edinburgh students took part in their DofE expedition at the end of April 2023. Everyone took part and supported each other by putting up tents, cooking the evening meal and navigating their route while out hiking. Some difficulties were encountered; a large puddle made crossing one stile challenging, and a field marked with a footpath on our Ordnance Survey map had no path maintained that we could follow. The students showed impressive calm and patience as we acquired an alternate route. As the overall aim of the expedition was to investigate and inspect the condition of public footpath markers, there was plenty of data to use. Walking speed was at a high, half of our group had no trouble ranging off ahead of the rest and would always wait for the others to re-join. During the evenings, spirits were high after a visit from the Headteacher, plenty of Smores and a few games of hide and seek. Students who completed this expedition will receive their awards in September 2023.