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Useful Information


We are committed to meeting our obligation with regard to academy attendance through our whole-academy culture and ethos that values good attendance, including:

          • Promoting good attendance
          • Reducing absence, including persistent and severe absence
          • Ensuring every student has access to the full-time education to which they are entitled
          • Acting early to address patterns of absence
          • Building strong relationships with families to ensure students have the support in place to attend academy

Parents/carers are expected to:

          • Make sure their child attends every day, 8.45am-3.15pm / 3.05pm on a Friday
          • Call Corley Academy to report their child’s absence before 9am on the day of the absence and each subsequent day of absence, and advise when they are expected to return
          • Provide the academy with more than 1 emergency contact number for their child
          • Ensure that, where possible, appointments for their child are made outside of the academy day

Students are expected to:

          • Attend our academy every day on time
          • Attend every timetabled session on time

Approval for term-time absence

The headteacher will only grant a leave of absence to a student during term time if they consider there to be 'exceptional circumstances'. A leave of absence is granted at the headteacher’s discretion, including the length of time the student is authorised to be absent for.

Please see our Attendance Policy for full details.


Our main source of everyday communication with Parents/Carers is via the Arbor App.

Please note that only parents who have a guardian profile added to their school site can use the Arbor App. 

The Arbor App is the mobile version of our Parent Portal, for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Parents can download the Arbor App for free from either the Play store for Android phones or the App Store for IOS.

Parents and Guardians have the same login and account details to the Arbor App and the Parent Portal.

For guidance on this please see the link below

Video on how to use the Arbor App

Parents can help the school by ensuring that all of the details we have about your child is correct. Just make the changes directly onto your child's page, our admin team will be advised that the changes have been made and approve them. This means the information is always current and that the office know of any changes.

Making Payments to school

Corley Academy is a cash free school. Payments for dinners, educational visits etc. must be made via Arbor.

If you need help with this please contact Ms South in the school offic

How Corley Academy shares your child's progress and development.

Annual review:  This indicates the month that Annual Reviews will begin for each year group. Some may take place the following month or later in the year if necessary. Dates for Annual Reviews will be provided in advance. Meetings will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams or a telephone conversation. 

Written progress report:  This is your child’s annual written report, which will outline current progress and areas for further development in each subject, along with a comment from the Pastoral Mentor and the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. 

Parent/teacher progress meetings: Your child’s Mentor will contact their subject teacher and ask for information on their schoolwork, progress and areas for further development.  They will then arrange to meet with you via Microsoft Teams or have a conversation by telephone. Their Mentor will share information with you. These will take place during the week beginning 15th November for Years, 7,8,9 and the week beginning 21st March for Years, 10,11, and post 16. 

Pastoral mentor meetings: A 30-minute appointment will be arranged for parents and carers to talk with their child’s Mentor to discuss their personal development, well-being and academic progress.  The Mentor will have available a range of data and information to enable them to discuss all aspects of your child’s development and progress.  An appointment will be made during the month as indicated above.

Progress update:  

  • Key Stage 3: Parents and carers will receive, in the post, an update of their child’s progress in each subject.
  • Key Stage 4 and Post 16: Parents and carers will receive, in the post, the results of the latest monitoring of progress towards target grades.

Please see the document below for a simple timeline.